34SP.com – WordPress Hosting Right Here in Manchester

34SP.com is a unique WordPress Hosting provider based right in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. What separates 34SP.com from other hosting companies is our unwavering commitment to customers through our “Exceptional Service and Support”.

Founded in the year 2000, 34SP.com has been hosting WordPress accounts since the platform launched in 2003. We have developed a deep understanding of the specific needs of those using WordPress, and have dozens of WordPress experts who are based in Manchester to assist with anything from installation of the WordPress CMS to advanced code queries faced by WordPress developers.

34SP.com has long been a strong supporter and sponsor of WordPress and local WordCamps throughout Europe. We are advocates of the Open Source movement and use Open Source code and resources in our own business and web hosting operations. 34SP.com is also a sponsor of local Manchester Internet talent through our sponsorship of the Manchester WordPress User Group, the Blog North Awards and MadLab. We also give back by hosting UK registered charities at no charge.

You can learn more about 34SP.com by visiting their site or follow them on Twitter.